Manual Citrus Juicer OL 61 AS ECO

The natural way of taste − sustainability meets independence.
Experience freshness at your fingertips. This juicer combines the design and quality
hallmarks of the OL 61 series with an elegant manual drive.



Manual Citrus Juicer OL 61 AS ECO

  • Self-service machine, manually operated by levering the wheel, non-electric
  • Clean and silent juicing solution for any location − indoor or outdoor
  • 2-Zones-Technology for highest hygiene and time efficiency
  • Precision cutting SCS Up & Down ensures highest juice purity
  • Userfriendly disassembly thanks to Cross Holder and Double Cover
  • Manual Transport System (MTS): easy cleaning of the fruit sieve
  • Made of food-grade stainless steel for improved hygiene and outstanding durability
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Fruit supply

4 oranges

Optimal fruit size

Ø 65 – 78 mm

Net weight

57 kg

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Designed by Sempa

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