Manual Citrus Juicer OL 61 DAS ECO

This juice machine combines high juice yield with minimal effort. With its 17 kg fruit basket and elegant manual drive, the OL 61 DAS ECO citrus juicer offers the ultimate fresh experience.


Manual Citrus Juicer OL 61 DAS ECO

  • Operation of the juicer by operating the crank with a pressure aid of 35 kg
  • Quiet juicer suitable for any location – indoor or outdoor
  • 2-Zones-Technology (double facade), absolute hygiene and safety
  • The precision cut SCS Up & amp; Down (dynamic knife) ensures greater purity of orange juice
  • Simple disassembly (cross and double front)
  • Manual transport system (MTS): easy filter cleaning
  • Food grade stainless steel for improved hygiene and exceptional durability
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Fruit supply

17 kg

Optimal fruit size

Ø 65 – 78 mm

Net weight

67 kg

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Designed by Sempa

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