“I prefer to say that we are a major player on the market rather than the leader, it's less pretentious and it's more fair!

— Pascal Faucher, CEO and founder of SEMPA company

People with different backgrounds, with the required expertise and skills, are one of our main assets and the source of our competitive advantage.

SEMPA team

KIS & SEMPAA common ambition

You can take advantage of our partnership with the manufacturer of selfie kiosks and event photo printing KIS

KIS Event, the French specialist in event solutions.
Bring a touch of fun to the private and professional events you organize with the KIS Event offer: 3 selfie kiosks: Tiny Selfie, Selfie, Flexi’Tiny and a photo printing kiosk: SpeedLab mini event, ideal for both small and large events!
With more than 3,500 terminals sold in France, KIS is your partner for the success of your events: birthdays, weddings, baptisms, sporting events, corporate events …

Located in the Grenoble region, KIS is the specialist in the manufacture and distribution of selfie and photo development terminals since 2016. KIS is the assurance of a reliable, available and attentive partner! Adaptable financing solutions such as finance leasing and sales, a dedicated telephone after-sales service: KIS is your partner for your event solutions.

Bars, hotels, restaurants, entertainment companies, cinemas, leisure parks, large companies and SMEs, traders such as hairdressers, tobacconists, supermarkets, communication agencies, marketing, events, photographers, associations, public bodies, town halls and local authorities: all sectors combined, our customers have chosen KIS selfie and photo development kiosks.
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