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Jenny Simone is a 27-year-old professional influencer who enjoys running, fashion, walking, and theatre. She is famous and eccentric but can also be very jealous and a bit picky. Jenny lives in Florida. She started studying sports science at college but never finished the course. She has a severe phobia of crocodiles and is obsessed with bottled water. She is currently single. She has been a staunch vegan for five years and loves Greek salad. Open to new experiences, partnerships, and collaborations.

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15 avril 2021

Combien coûte un jus d’orange pressé minute ?

Il faut compter environ 1,59 euros pour 33 cl et 3,99 euros pour 1 litres.

17 novembre 2023

Presse-Agrumes Professionnel Manuel OL 161 AS ECO

L'OL 161 AS ECO de SEMPA, le presse-agrumes professionnel manuel, est la quintessence de l'écoresponsabilité et de la performance. Parfait pour les…

17 novembre 2023

Presse-Agrumes Professionnel Manuel OL 61 DAS ECO

Découvrez le presse-agrumes professionnel manuel OL 61 DAS ECO - la combinaison parfaite entre écoresponsabilité et efficacité. Idéal pour le libre service,…